New Decorating Ideas for the New Year


As the new year is now upon us we like to change up our lives in preparation for the new year. Many of these changes or resolutions focus on the bettering of ourselves. To improve ourselves and our lives we must start with the home we live in. Having the right feelings about our homes is important to our inspiration and motivation. The holidays may have taken a toll on our bank accounts, making it hard to freshen up our homes for the new year. Here are a few ways in which you can easily change up your home for next to nothing.


Accents with Impact

There is nothing easier than sprucing up your home with accent pillows and throws. Buying new furniture for each easy is unrealistic, but adding pillows to a couch or chair can change the whole aesthetic of the room. These pillows can add a pop of color to a neutral colored couch. You can layer and add pillows to fit the dynamic of the room. Also being able to change of the look of the room with each season is a plus. Adding runners to the heaviest foot traffic areas will save on wear and tear of the flooring along with adding feng shui.


Deck the halls

Painting a room can also change the way a room looks. Even choosing to paint one accent wall can bring a room to life. When choosing a color, pick neutral colors that can easily be matched when you look for new accent pillows and throws. Warm, neutral colors usually go best with pops of color with accent walls. Wallpaper is not only for your grandmother’s house, today you can find any different, modern patterns. Wallpaper is an easy alternative to paint, which can make your home look like it’s straight out of a magazine. You can also use the wallpaper to line the backing of a bookshelf.


Turn on the Lights

Since the new year occurs in the dead of winter, sunlight is minimal. Proper lighting can transform a whole room. You decorated your home with a holiday light show, now it’s time to translate that into a year-round look. Add additional lamps to poorly lit areas. The trick is to incorporate various lighting techniques. A properly lit room may have lighting from above, along with a traditional table lamp and a standing lamp in the corner.  Watch what turning a few lights on can do for a room.


Decorate with nature

Replace the poinsettias and garland with fresh flowers or greenery. Some of the best home decorations come from nature. A new plant or indoor tree can add life to a dull room. If you have a history of killing plants opt for a cactus, which can be nearly impossible to kill, or silk arrangements. Nowadays they come in different arrangements and are indistinguishable from the real thing.

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