Make your living room a clutter-free zone


The living room is the center of comfort and the place everyone in your house gravitates towards. The worst thing about the living room is that it can also be the place everyone drops of their shoes, clothes, blankets and whatever else they with them. The mess eventually tends to pile up. Rest assured though, here a few tips to make and keep your living room a clutter-free zone.

Install storage space

The living room is known for piling up clothes, so prevent it from landing around the room by installing a rack or opening a closet where visitors can put their coats, hats and other belongings. Having a basket in a corner can also help be a designated drop off zone for footwear. Remind everyone in the home where things go to create habits.

Manage your coffee table

Your living room coffee table is part of what ties the room together, but it is also victim to forgotten mail, magazines, and newspapers. After a few days, a coffee table can rack up piles of unread papers. Go through your stack and get rid of the old and keep just a few of the important items and new magazine issues. Buying a small basket to store them in will help remind you when to flush out the old with the new.

Remove excess furniture

Although your furniture looks beautiful cramming too many things into the living room can take away from the overall look of the space. If you’re squeezing in or shifting your body to get past furniture it might be a good idea to find another place for it. Keeping furniture to a minimum will open up the living room and showcase the pieces you do have.

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